1. 時差出勤、在宅勤務等の変則勤務体制(在宅勤務時は、メール及び携帯電話での対応)
  2. 対面での会議を最小限に抑え、テレビ会議・電話会議等での対応
  3. 不急な出張の自粛



Recently condition update! It is still under construction. 2019

“The One” will be complete soon!

This project is located on the 38th floor of the Bank of China building in Hong Kong. This project was started on May 2015, and handed over on Oct. 2015. A grand, curved lobby gives way to conference rooms and relaxation areas to each side. All meeting rooms have stunning views over Victoria Harbour.

In 2013, we started the facade design of a new large retail development connected to the future Taipei Dome.

Construction has been on going and today we can clearly see the entire shape of the building.

The glass facade made of different coloured back panels will respond to the vibrant surrounding meanwhile heavily planted balcony will give a lush feeling to the facade.